Dr Fabrizio Camesasca


Dott. Fabrizio I. Camesasca
Medical Surgeon Specialized in Ophthalmology

Personal details
Date of birth: 19 April 1958
Place of birth: Milan, Italy

Office address
P.za Maria Adelaide di Savoia, 1
20129 - Milan, Italy
tel. +39-02 29529396
email: info@camesasca.com
web: www.camesasca.com

1972 - 1977 'A. Volta' High School, Milan
1977 - 1985 University of Milan
Degree in Medicine and Surgery obtained in November 1985 with a final score of 110/110 summa cum laude
Certification: Milan Board of Surgeons and Physicians certified under no. 25776 since 18 January 1986

Specializations and Fellowships
1985 - 1989 Specialization in Ophthalmology
Ophthalmology Clinic of the University of Milan (Director: Prof. Rosario Brancato)
Scientific Institute of S. Raffaele Hospital, Milan
Specialization obtained in July 1989 with a final score of 70/70 summa cum laude

February 1988 - March 1989
Retina and Ocular Trauma FellowshipThe Eye Foundation Hospital/University of Alabama in Birmingham, Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.A.Helen Keller Eye Research Foundation Retinal Research Foundation of the South (Chairman: Robert E. Morris, MD.)

March 1989 - February 1993
Visitor physician, Ophthalmic Clinic of the University of Milan, S. Raffaele Hospital (Director: Prof. R. Brancato)
Collaborated in all phases of diagnosis and treatment of patients with vitreoretinal pathologies treated at the Clinic.
Actively took part in over 400 vitreoretinal and anterior segment surgeries.
Performed clinical research specifically focused on the study of ocular trauma, vitreous replacements, laser applications in vitreoretinal surgery and vitreoretinal pathologies in general.
Served as an Ophthalmologic Consultant on appointment by the Ophthalmologic Clinic of the University of Milan, S. Raffaele Hospital, at:
U.S.S.L. 75/I Health Clinic at Via Fantoli, 7 - Milan (March 1990 - February 1993)
U.S.S.L. 59 - Hospital Center in Vaprio d'Adda (July 1990 - March 1992)

March 1993 - October 1996
Hospital Administration (Hospital Director: Dr: Maurizio Mauri)
Istituto Clinico Humanitas (ICH), Rozzano - Milan.
Was responsible for planning, launching and starting up the Istituto Clinico Humanitas. In particular, he was responsible for:
- defining hospital policy
- defining and implementing hospital operational procedures
- planning and activating clinical management software
- developing and starting up the health clinic (60 visiting rooms)
- defining the Department’s casemix, establishing the Hospital’s Internal Tariff Nomenclature and its interface with SSN, FASI, FASDAC, etc. fees

October 1996 – December 2000
Resident Department of Ophthalmology (Chairman: Dr. Paolo Vinciguerra)Istituto Clinico Humanitas, Rozzano - Milan

December 2000 - to date Senior resident
Department of Ophthalmology (Chairman: Dr. Paolo Vinciguerra)
Istituto Clinico Humanitas, Rozzano - Milan
Responsible for organizing the Ophthalmologic Outpatient Units. The Ophthalmologic Outpatient Units of Istituto Clinico Humanitas currently occupies approximately 900 m2 in two buildings and employs 20 Ophthalmologists and two Orthopticians.
The Clinic houses 12 visiting points, a Laser Excimer Refractive OR, two Fluorangiography Outpatient Units, two Optical Computed Tomography Outpatient Units, a Retinal Laser Outpatient Unit, two Orthoptic Outpatient Units, an Ecography Outpatient Unit, and a minor OR.
For the last eleven years Dr. Camesasca has headed the Outpatient Unit for the Diagnosis and Medical and Surgical Treatment of Retinal Pathologies.
He collaborates with the Refractive Surgery Outpatient Unit.
He has personally performed over 1,200 excimer laser refractive surgeries.
He has also personally performed over 2,500 cataract extractions through phacoemulsification and a number of vitreoretinal operations for which he is currently undergoing training.
Dr. Camesasca conducts clinical research as documented in his publications and presentations.